Devine help

I agreed to play golf with my usual Sunday group the day following memorial services for my father-in-law Gordon. I stepped up to the first par 3 ( # 4) at Hell's Point Golf Course in Virginia Beach with a heavy heart, a 7 iron in my hands and the pin was 149 yards directly in the center of the green. The shot headed toward the right side of the green but I thought I had hit it a little fat and was worried that the ball might plug in the face of the right front bunker. Fortunately, the ball bounced on the backside of the bunker bouncing 45 degrees to the left and headed toward the hole. My buddies and I watched as the ball rolled, and rolled then disappeared. Hole in one # 3 but this one was not a pure shot as we're the other two. My Titliest Pro V1X (#3, of course) had alot of help so thank you Gordon for the assist. We miss you greatly but you're still around us and this golf shot proved it. I handed the ball to my wife that afternoon and told her the story. It was a moving and unforgettable experience for our entire family.

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