My First Ace

On 10-13-2012, I went out early as a single, about 15 minutes behind a threesome. I knew they were in front of me so I was taking my time. I caught the threesome at the 8th hole, where they waved me through since they were all in the sand trap, short and left of the hole. I was a little nervous teeing off because my ball flight is right to left. I hit a somewhat fat 5 iron to a back left hole location. The Pro V1 started to draw but it was a gentle draw, thankfully not a hook! The threesome all saw it and I even yelled "Left". The ball hit the left side of the green and rolled right into the cup. I think the threesome was more excited than I was, I guess I was more in shock! I had all three sign my scorecard!
KJ Cavanaugh

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