First Hole in One

I accompanied my children to our local golf course so they could participate in the First Tee program. I decided to play the executive, nine hole, par 27 course while the kids were taking their lessons. On the third hole, a par 3 150 yard, hole with the green approximatley forty feet above the tee box, I hit my first hole in one! I struck my nine iron very well and it was tracking directly on line with the flag. However, I thought that I had hit the ball too hard and had flown the green.

I approached the hole and could not see my ball. I looked over the green in the rough and still could not find my ball. I had a thought that it may have gone in and checked the hole where I saw my ball laying on the bottom of the cup. I stood over the ball for about a minute while my mind raced until I finally realized that I had hit a hole in one! I collected the ball, saved it, and have placed it on my shelf with other collectible golf balls.

I should add that I have been playing golf for 35 years and a good portion of that time I was playing nearly every day in junior, high school, and college level golf. This was my first ever hole in one. Hopefully, I will not have to wait another 35 years for my second.

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