Just Call Me 1

I was playing in our weekly ladies golf association event. It was a shotgun start and we started on 18. I didn't play well so was pretty well shut down by the time we got to 17. I hit first and knew I hit it well but, because we couldn't see the bottom of the pin, no one saw it go in. When we got up to the green I couldn't see my ball so I thought I'd hit it too well and it went into the bunker behind the green. When one of the other players walked past the cup she looked into the hole. She said "Jungmi, you better look into the hole. It may be there." I looked and there it was, my first hole-in-one! Everyone was really excited for me. I'm still getting calls and e-mails about it a week later. Next goal is my first eagle on a par 5.

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