My First Hole in One With Dad

I was golf after school with my Dad. We arrived at Desert Willow golf course and began warming up. I was playing so so on this day and starting chatting and joking with my Dad. As we reached the 17th hole. I told my Dad that I had heard on the golf channel that most hole in ones are hit with a 6 iron. I asked what was the yardage on the GPS. He said 161 yards. I laughed and said 6 iron! I didn't even tee it up I just dropped it at the tee box. I took a full swing.The ball was headed at the green. As it hit on the green my Dad said,"6 iron". It rolled towards the hole slowly. We had thought it stopped inches away and walked to the cart. When I got in the cart I didn't see it anymore. I thought it had rolled of the back of the green. My Dad thought it was just behind the flag. As we got closer I jumped out and ran to the hole to see my Titleist in the hole.

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