Best 50 bucks I ever spent - 43012

Best 50 bucks I ever spent - 43012

I belong to the Chapee Cup Senior League at the Bridges Golf Club in Abbottstown, PA. We play every Tuesday AM from April thru October. Being a league, we use shotgun starts, so we change starting holes pretty much every week. I don't care to start on a par 3. I feel I get more forgiveness by taking my first shot on a par 4 or 5. On this day, I started on the par 3 16th hole, 142 yards. I had a knee replaced this past summer and I've not gotten full flexibility back. It was a cool morning and along with the knee, I decided to take an extra club, an 8 iron. My three competitors teed up and hit. I was the last to play. I just tried to relax and take a smooth swing. My ball flew high and straight at the flag. I was kind of transfixed as I watched it bounce in front of the pin, take two bounces and roll into the cup. My mouth dropped open and I was speechless. One of my playing partners said, 'Damn, that went in the hole'. The other two players weren't watching and suddenly looked up and exclaimed 'What?'. Needless to say, I won closest-to-the-pin on that hole. And it took about 5 holes for the adrenalin high to fade. And it cost about 50 bucks at the bar at lunch. The guys let me off light. This was my second ace, but the only one I actually saw. My first was hit into the sun, went over the pin and spun back into the hole. We didn't know it went in until we got to the green. It's much more fun seeing it go in.

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