Was a nice day for the Oct weather in Mo. Wind was about 10mph. On number 7, I hit a bad shoot, and was about 160 yards from the pin. All my group was in fairway at about 120 yards from pin. I asked the yardage, and selected my 3i club, because I can hit it about that range. I did and was only 5 ft from pin. I made a birdly. None of the group made par. When I got tO # 10 the yardage was 161. My partner said, you hit the a good ball on 7 about the same yardage. I hit the ball and it was on line with the pin, but looked like it was short! It hit in front of pin and rolled and was gone. I told the guys, it behind the pin, which I have done before. But it wasn't it was in the hold., The group had lunch and drinks from me. FIRST HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!

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