1st Hole in One

I was playing in the daily dog fight and Hole 15 is the dreaded par 3 at Cherokee Run. 4 putts are common for amateurs due to the crazy undulations of the green. The pin was cut on the center spine of the green. I was about 218 from the pin. Swing, the ball starts of right of target drawing back to the flag. lands on the green bounces twice and then rolls up the ridge breaking left towards the pin. It drops. I was in shock. My playing partner runs up to me and jumps in my arms. Weird i know. Walking up on the green was surreal. It finally happened. We get back to the clubhouse and after about an 80 dollar tab for the fellas the club pro tells me that he thinks that is the only hole in one ever hit on hole 15 that he knows of. My only claim to fame in golf.

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