My first hole in one

It was early on Sunday July 1st 2012 and i was playing with my brother in law Tony. We were on our first Par 3 of the day and i was up first. I used my 5 Hybrid for the 182 yard shot. The sad part was it was a damp foggy morning so after i hit i lost the ball in the fog (my eyes are not the best) i knew it was a good shot it just felt good!!

Tony started saying he thinks it rolled into the cup but i dismissed that thought and he hit his shot (which went into the trap) and we headed down to the green. as we approached the green we couldn't see any ball on it so i headed to the rough on the back of the green looking for my ball. he kept saying i think its in the cup so over he went and sure enough it was in the cup.

it was a great moment in my golfing life i started to think about the time my dad told me about his first hole in one (he had two in his career)and i was wishing he could have been there to see mine.

For me a hole in one was just something i dreamed about and would hope that every golfer gets to experience that great feeling at least once in their lifetime. I am living proof that its really not all skill but some skill and a lot of luck to get one.

So in closing all of you high handicappers out there don't get discouraged if i can get one all of you can too. just make sure you have good clubs and use a Titleist golf ball!!


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