My first ace occurred on a sunny 70 degree day at my favorite course, Totteridge, located in Hannastown, Pa.
The difficult 215 yard par 3 always seems to have a prevailing wind into your face. This day was a bit calmer, but the wind was still apparent. I chose a three iron and was looking directly into the sun. The contact was perfect with a slight draw. I saw the ball in the air, lost it momentarily, then saw it hit in front of the pin. I couldn't see where it ended up since the glare was too much. I hopped into the cart and sped towards the hole knowing that it had to be close. As I approached the green, I saw the ball mark about 10 feet in front of the hole, but did not see a ball on the green. Something told me it had to be in that hole! As I walked up to take a look, the anticipation was quickly satisfied with a view of my ball at the bottom of the cup! I had played golf for 55 years and always wondered if I could ever claim that great feat. And today I did! Needless to say, I jumped with joy, holding the ball skyward and yelling at the top of my voice " FINALLY, YES, YES !"

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