A Special One

It was day one of four during a four day golf trip that my dad had put together for 15 year. I started playing when i was 7 years old, and he told me the day i turned 18, that i could join the trip. The summer i turned 18, it had been planned that i would join him on the golf trip. I enjoyed my time.... at home..... because i got Swine Flu 5 days before we were supposed to leave. The following year i was healthy and enjoyed my first trip to myrtle beach with my dad, uncle, and friends. We then took a summer off, before this past summer, when my younger brother who had just turned 18, also got to accompany us. Like i said, it was day one, and we had just gotten out of the car from a 7 hour ride from virginia. Straight to the first hole, which resulted in a birdie, and the start of a great front 9. Standing on the 8th tee, my dad was playing in the group in front of me and my brother. He shouted to hit a lot of club, cause it was playing into a strong wind. It didn't affect my club selection, i just knew i had to hit it firm. I hit it, watched it, one hop and in, with the man who taught me the game 15 years ago standing right on the green, watching it disappear. It was my first of many that I hope to come.

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