John Dantes Hole in One at the Bandit

Sunny, breezy day in south Texas. 65 degrees at the Bandit Golf Club in New Braunfels, Texas. Stood up on the 11th tee. It was 167 yards to the pin with a tail wind.
I'm a 60 years old. I hit a soft draw that looked like it hit on the front of the green (pin was front left). I tried to watch the ball, and saw what I thought was the ball rolling past the pin and off the back of the green. When we got up to the green, I began walking to the side and back of the green. My partners were both short! :-) I was looking towards the back and did not see anything. I turned to look at my partners and noticed a ball mark on the front of the green. From experience (this is my 5th hole in one), I yelled out to my partners that that was a good sign. They both watched me as I walked towards the hole. Before looking in, I said there is a good chance it is in the hole. And, as I looked down, I jumped back and showed a little emotion! They both ran up and happily congratulated me! :-)

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