Veterans Day Hole in one

It was Saturday afternoon on 10 Nov. 2012 the Marine Corps Birthday. Once a Marine always a Marine. I had joined the Marines at age 17. It was very windy that day, about 20-25mph. I had to aim a little right of the pin because of the wind. If you live in the Wichita Falls area of Texas then you better learn to play the wind. I watched the ball being pushed by the wind as it was coming down. It seemed like minutes but it finally hit the green about two feet short and a little right of the pin. It started to roll toward the pin. I knew when it hit it was going in. I started yelling "get in the hole", "get in the hole". Finally the ball disappeared. What a feeling. It was great. I couldn't believe it. How lucky could I be? I'd rather be lucky than good any day. Luckily I had three witnesses to fend off the non believers. It couldn't have come on a better day. What a birthday present.
Semper Fi,
KJ Prefontaine

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