74 Years old and Finally get my ACE

It was a very nice clear day and my round was going well. After the first 4 holes I was "one over" and it looked like we were going to have a "good" day of Golf. On the 5th tee box, we were looking directly into the sun and there was a small breeze in our faces. I normally hit an 8 iron on this hole but because of the breeze I decided to go "up one club" and hit my 7 Iron. I struck the ball well and it was going directly to the center of the green but the sun kept me from following it all the way. I knew I was either on the green or just over it and was looking to have another par at least. My playing partner hit his drive pin high just to the left of the green and when we approached the green I could not see my ball. I went to the far side of the green and searched for my ball to no avail. Finally my partner who was at his ball just off the green to the right said, "look in the cup". I walked over to the cup and looked in and THERE IT WAS !!

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