First hole in one

Hole #8 at my local club has always been a killer. It ranges in distance from 185-215yds depending on tee and pin positioning. I stepped up to the box knowing I was only a few shots off the lead in our tournament, but also knowing that number 8 was usually good for a bogey or worse, especially if I didn't hit the green. I teed up my neon yellow Titleist NXT Tour and let fly with a 3iron, hoping it would carry the 195 yards that the hole was playing that day. Sure enough, it had a great line and I was just hoping it would have the distance. The next thing I know, it bounced on the green, and disappeared...... Into the cup!!! I turned to my playing partners in disbelief and said, "did that just go in?". After confirmation from them, and convincing myself that it did go in (which only took 5 seconds), we began jumping up and high five-ing everyone within reach!

When I stepped onto the green, I was smiling from ear to ear, still in disbelief until I actually saw the ball in the cup. There it was..... A red dotted, #3 Titleist, nestled in the cup looking up at me! Needless to say, the next hole was a blur, but I think i managed to par it, and then go on to buy a round for all my tournament competitors as soon as the news spread that "some guy" aced #8!!! A great day finished off by multiple text messages and phone calls to my golf friends who weren't there that day, most of which congratulated me, some of which welcomed me to "the club". As for the tournament, that shot helped propel me to a 2nd place finish.

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