My 3rd Hole in one - 90920

While playing golf on November 19, 2012 with my Brother Mike, His Uncle Bill (his wife's uncle) and my friend Brian. I had just birdie the 1st hole at Saddlebrook in The Villages, Florida. Brian and I have not played golf together for a few months. While we were waiting for the group ahead of us to finish up on the green, Brain and I were sitting in my cart talking. I was telling Brain that I just started using Tiltist ProV1's and that I was so pleased with there performance, off the tee, around the green and the 10 yards or so that I had gained in distance. I said that although they are a little more money than I am use to spending on a dozen golf balls they are well worth it. Just then, My brother said, "Jim your up, you have the honors for your birdie on the 1st hole. Then he said to the group, "we usually play ready golf but, you can't cut in front of a birdie man". I tee'ed up the ball, hit to the green, it and rolled up the green toward the the pin and disappeared into the cup. I turned and said to Brian, "Wow, thats my 3rd hole in one within 2 years....I told you those ProV1's fly true". Wow ! what a great day, what a thrill.

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