The Ace of a Lifetime

The day was April 27, 2012. I was playing with my best friend, and a single joined us that day. I can remember that it was slow, and hot as all get out. We just got up on the 7th hole, a par four, it is 320 yards. I can hit that green easily. But it was down wind that day. Something in me, told me that I needed to hit the 3 wood. That it was just the club to hit. So, after waiting on the group in front to get off the green, I stepped up to the tee, ripped it, as it was flying through the air I screamed get up! It landed just on the front of the green, hopped up in the air, released nicely out and I couldn't see the ball anymore from the tee. That meant one of two things, It either went in, or was behind the pin and blocked out to where I couldn't see it. My mind was racing, I thought you only have one shot to go completely nuts if it is in, and if it's not in, then it was still one heck of a shot. I screamed at the top of my lungs my buddy was in shock. He couldn't believe it, to be honest, neither could I. How often do you hear of an ace on a par 4. As we got closer to the hole, I didn't see a ball on the green. When we got to the hole, I looked down, and realized that I was one lucky 18 year old. Some people have played their whole lives, and never gotten one. I played 8 years, and finally got one. One that will always be in my memory for a lifetime. I was very blessed to get it. And I will never take it for granted. Thank you Titleist, I did it with a Pro v1x #7!

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