Hole in One at Taiyo Gold Club Okinwa Japan

Hole in One at Taiyo Gold Club Okinwa Japan

I was playing at Taiyo Golf Course, Okinawa Japan operated by MCCS, U. S. Marine Corps. It was windy and I approaced hole #17 which I generally play with a 7 iron. Today I changed my golf ball to a Titleist DT SoLo as I had used it from hole #16 as rehit (out of bounds). I used a low tee and tried to hit the ball to the center of the green (159 yds). The ball landed where I lined up to hit and rolled towards the cup. I though that I had ran through the green. However the ball bounced once and rolled into the hole. My playing partners were elated and happy for me. This is a very difficult hole. This is the second hole in one on #17 since the course opened in 2009. This is also the 17th hole in one on this course. I entered the bar and paid for drinks for those who went to the bar (just 7 players). Most of them drank cokes, but the price tag was $17.25. Guess that today is lucky 17 for me.

Malcolm Sellman, Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, Okinawa Japan

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