First Hole In One after 48 years With Help From My Angel

I cannot remember even coming close to a hole-in-one in many years.

My wife who was my favorite golf partner passed away five months ago after a long illness, and I was playing with her brother as a guest at his club in Knoxville on a cold windy day, November 23, 2012.

Number 10 at Beaver Brook Country Club is a 195 yard shot with a several hundred foot drop off a cliff to the green below, and there was a strong headwind that day. I used a seven wood that flew straight, hit about four feet short of the pin, put on the brakes and rolled straight into the cup.

Given the length and innate difficulty of the hole combined with the weather conditons, some would say it was just a lucky shot. I prefer to think I had an angel on my shoulder that day guiding my ball along the way.

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