Hole-in-one stories

Who would have ever known

By: ronf35

It was all over the water distance, one of those greens with an island , I was afraid I was going to lose one of my best balls, The Titleist DT Solo. I used an extra club, the ball hunted the flagstick, hit the stick and sat on top of the hole, then the wind moved the stick and the ball dropped in. I could not be sure until I went on the green and picked the ball out of the hole.

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Wayne Barfield 3rd Hole in One

It was a day were I shot a 34 on the front of a par 72 with a bogey. I then birdie the par 5 10th and was really thinking I can challenge my low round of 65 coming to a long 214 yard par 3. I had a right to left quartering wind with the flag back left. I pulled a 3 iron feeling a stock swing will get me on the green that was fronted by water all the way to the green. I found that I had flushed the shot and it took one bounce and then it was gone for my 3rd hole in one, all being with a Titleist Golf Ball! I was thinkinking this was my day, little did I know I would go bogey, bogey,(no suprise after a hole in one)and then eagled a par 5! I finished with a strong 67 and was very happy with that! I am so happy I could share this story with you.

r/ Wayne (Loyal Titleist Golf Ball Player)

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Hole in One

Playing in our regular Friday group hit 8 iron 165 yards and he hit once and went in hole for second hole in one.
I play with MB Titleist irons.

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Hot and Windy

I was playing golf with a buddy of mine and a friend of his. When we got to the 7th hole it felt like I had already lost 10lbs in sweat and the wind was blowing hard right to left. I figured I would need to club up and play it out to the right and let the wind and my draw let it come back left. Stepped up and swung away and watched it do exactly what I wanted it to do, start right and come slowly back left, at that time my buddy says "thats going to be a hole in one" and 10 seconds later it lands 2 feet past the cup and spins back in. I couldn't believe I had just gotten my first hole in one.

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Beautiful Day

Beautiful day in Palm Desert on North Course. Uphill par three slight wind. Ball hit 10 feet in front of hole and went in hole.

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