It is a warm day for Dec.2nd. a good day to be at Dawson country club in south Ga.temp mid 70s David Jackie Paul Larry and myself come to #6 at Dawson country club a 150 yard par 3 a lot of talking about winning match with the other team my turn to hit I take a 6 iron a lite wind into our face one practice swing and I am ready I hit and the ball gets about fifteen feet high a stinger no but traverling on just the same I then said watch that one it could go in with a slight laugh and then someone said I think it went over the back of the green Jackie and I make it down the fairway and around the other side of the green as fast as a golf cart can go to find no ball he then goes to the hole bends over and comes up with my ball and yells hole in one hell yea we did beat the other team but I lost money buying drinks for everyone. and yes it was a titleist pro v1x golf ball

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