Slam Dunk

I was playing with three good buddies and we had some bets several different ways. My partner and I were all square against the other two when we came to the par 3 #17 at Stonewall Golf Club. I had the honors. It was 169yds from the tips, uphill and slight helping left to right wind. I hit a 6 iron and started out just left of the hole. It was hit high and then it started drifting to the right and looked good. Then all of a sudden we heard the pin rattle the ball went out of site. SLAM DUNK! The ball caught the very front of the cup and ended up in the hole. My partner hit next and hit his tee shot to about 30 inches, so he made 2. Needless to say, we went on to win that hole and 18 to go two up. This is my 3rd hole in one.

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