My Birthday round

It was my birthday. I was feeling pretty "saucy" playing in a twosome with my buddy Pat D. After hitting some monstrous shots off of the tee, we get to the first par 3 of the course. My gps said the yardage to the center was about 148 yards. Based on the trees, I figured the wind blowing right to left about 15 mph. Taking out the eight iron (would be an easy swing considering I am not exactly warmed up), I hit a drawing shot to the right side of the pin (elevated). As the ball seated, the elevation (approx 10 above the hole) took the ball down (laterally), hitting the pin for a Birthday hole in one. I agreed to pay for the round, but the bar was closed when we finished! Woo-Woo-Woo, Lifetime hole in one #3.
Thanks for listening.

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