5th Hole In One is a SLAM DUNK

I've been fortunate enough to experience making 5 hole in ones (HIO) in my golfing years. I'm 45 years old -- my 1st HIO was the worst shot I've ever hit; skulled an 8-iron that bounced twice pin gets in the way and the ball goes in (no complaining here). My 2nd HIO was a nice shot made more enjoyable due to my dad getting to witness it. The 3rd HIO was a fun time because my youngest son witnessed it while enjoying a round together. The 4th HIO was almost uneventful, because it was hit on a par-3 that is built 'in a bowl' and the shot was hit about 20 yds. offline, hit the side of the hill and runs down to wedge itself in the hole. Today my 5th HIO was a rare moment -- the shot felt great off the club, went straight as an arrow and flew directly into the hole (SLAM DUNK, nothing but hole). My wife was in the group with me today and finally got to witness me making a HIO after all these years. Great Day I'd Say!

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