So I'm not very good and haven't played a round in a couple years. My Sigma Pi fraternity pledge Father, Mac Lamken, thinks he's good but he's not. I am on my way to Kansas City with Ian, another fraternity brother, to visit my parents and we stop in Independence, Missouri, to visit with Mac, who suggests a round of golf at his favorite club. Ian has never played golf in his life. I call my Dad to see if he wants to join us. Dad thinks he will embarrass himself but he's wrong. It's a beautiful day to play some ugly golf.

After the 3rd hole Ian comes up with an excuse to leave. We are sorry to see him go but our arms are tired from throwing his ball down the course. When we get to the 7th hole I grab my pitching wedge, actually my Dads, as I don't own clubs. I tee it up and completely whiff on my 1st swing. But on my next try I find the sweet spot. Tiger couldn't have done it more proud. My Dad is standing behind me and calls it - "It's in the hole". It one hops and drops in the cup. I am a God and they make me pay for it. More beers and a few shots of whiskey at the turn and we finish the day in awe of my greatness. I love golf!

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