Lucky 7 at Providence

Play was slow this Sunday afternoon and my playing partner and I had to wait for the green to clear to make our shots. I had the honor and due to the pace of play the threesome behind us had moved to the blue tees. We were playing from the whites. The pin was on the back of the green about 12 feet past a ridge that runs diagnol from right to left. Since I had a 'gallery' I told myself to hit a good shot and not try anything foolish. Head stayed still through the swing. As the ball was in flight my playing partner exclaimed 'It's all over the pin!' I only saw the ball after it hit the green and was about 6' from the hole. I saw it slowly role into the center of the hole. Then there was an eruption from my partner and gallery. One stated he had never seen a hole-in-one before that day. I shot a 90 on the par 72 course.

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