My First Hole in One

Teed up with a good head wind of 15 -20 mph-this course is 1/2 mile from the ocean. I knew I had to give it a stiff whack-as the green is elevated and would rather give it a full swing with the gap than a 3/4 swing with the wedge. A t first I thought I knocked it over the green, but my playing partner knew it went in. He is 6ft4 and could see it better than me. He told me to look on the back side, so i did, but could not find it. After being a little disgruntled-because I thought I hit it well, he could not stop laughing and told me to look in the cup. First hole in one!! I pulled out the ball gave it a welcome kiss and proceeded to par the next three holes. I could not be more happier with may play since I changed to the ProV1-my handicap has gone from 22 to 16-now getting closer to 13-I definitely believe it's the ball-as my swing has not changed. Thanks Again, Tom Desiata

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