Second hole in one

My birthday was December 16th, just turned 55. Playing on December 18th with Don Sasser, Mark Mullier and College golfer Stephanie. Arrived at hole #6 and began my pre-shot routine when one of the other golfers stated that "he would bet a coke that he would have the honors at the next tee box". I quickly accepted his bet and addressed the ball. When I struck the ball it appeared to be a good shot, high ball flight headed directly toward the green. One of the players stated "that's got a chance" while the ball was in flight. The ball struck the green about a foot in front of the hole, jumped forward and then spun backward toward the hole. We watched from the tee box as the ball rolled into the hole. The player that bet the coke stated "I'm not going to bet you anymore", as he gave me the traditional high five for the shot.

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