My First Hole In One

My First Hole In One

I'm from South Korea. I have played golf for 13 years. Now, I live in New Jersey US. I have never gotten eagle in private or public golf.
That day, my condition was really great. I played with 3 people, my husband, Mr. Moe, and Mr. Park, in Back Creek Golf Club, DE. It was Par 3 14th hole. I just picked 6 Iron because when I use 6 iron, usually ball goes 90 to 100 yards. I hit the ball. I didn't look at the ball because I was finding my tee. Then, Mr. Park said, " Mrs.Kim! I think your ball is in the hole." I just saw that my ball was on the green nearby hole, so I wanted to try to get birdie. When we went to the green, my ball was in the hole. We were very surprised. Mr. Park have seen someone did the hole in one, but the others have never seen that. I was so happy!!
I really appreciate to Titleist company. I usually use Titleist ball. I think your ball is really fit me. I will use your ball ever and ever, in addition, I will recommend your ball to my friends, and other people. Thank you!

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