Rancho Park Mens Club TOC Away at Valencia Country Club

Rancho Park Mens Club TOC Away at Valencia Country Club

After making the only par in my 4 some on the tough, number 1 handicap, Par 4 6th, I was the guinea pig on the tee at 7.

The wind was swirling a bit.. Not easy to tell if it was in our faces but it felt a bit into us and from right to left. I was wavering between 6 iron and 7. I opted for the 7, being I wanted to make sure I stayed below the front red (almost middle) pin.

After a few anxious waggles, I took the club away and knew I was in a decent position. I gave it a bit more through impact and tried to hit a slight fade. As soon as it left the club I knew I hit it well; that sweet feeling; effortless.

The ball was tracking from the launch; a baby high fade. It dropped softly. I remember saying out loud, "If that's the right distance it could go in"
I think I heard Fernando Linares say something like, "That's all over it"... It bounced a bit short of the pin, and then it disappeared.
We all weren't positive if it went in, and we all were asking, "Is that a ball behind the cup?" Maybe... no, it looks like a shadow; or a ball mark.
We screamed to Adam Langsbard who was near the green in a cart (with another group) We asked him if it went in and he had no clue what we were talking about.

When we got up to the green we saw everyone's ball but mine. Stephen Wattrus arrived on the green first and peaked in the hole and yelled, "It's in!!!
There was a lot of cheering, fist pumping and high fiving... The ball mark was a few feet in front of the pin, directly in line under the hole..Sweet

Then my reality of what just happened set in... I said, in my head, "Ed, You just made your first hole in one...
and you also have to buy drinks; lots of drinks!"


Ed Passarelli

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