Well it happened on Friday April 20th 2012 at Texas Star Golf course in Euless Texas. It started as a normal day, I was playing by myself and when I got to the 5th hole I was joined by a young man playing with by himself but riding with his 5 year daughter. I thought the little girl was going to be a distraction at first but she turned out to be the lucky charm. When we got to the 16th hole, the sun was setting and the tees were moved all the way to the tips. This is a 179 yard shot a bit down hill but it was windy at the time so I decided to hit my 5 wood just to make sure I got to the green. I hit the ball very smoothly and it hit the green and rolled down to towards the flag. The ball sort of disappeared . I was not sure at that point whether I had a hole in one or the ball ran off the green. As I started my walk towards the flag, the little girl got there first and said " Yeap there a ball here" Her dad said " Dont touch it" . I got there and saw the ball in the hole. What a beautiful sight and what a nice feeling. I was on cloud 9 the rest of the round.

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