James Long Holes 222 yard shot

On thirteenth tee at Nutcracker Golf club, last to hit in the group except for my wife who was to play from the forward tees. I had hit what looked like a very good shot but from the tee we could not see the bottom of the flag. After arriving at the green, I got out of the cart to approach the green, not seeing the ball on the green as I expected I returned to the bag to get my wedge in anticipation that the shot was over the green. My wife continued to the green and up to the hole, she looked into the hole and could not contain her excitement, raising her hands above her head and did a little gig on the green exclaming it is in the hole!!

I retrieved the ball and joind her for a kiss, she had never before witnessed a hole-in-one. A good day for both of us. Hopeing I can see her make one someday.

James Long

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