Once in a lifetime moment

My friend Robert and I have gone golfing several times after work. My regular set of clubs are located in Cincinnati where I am from. Robert found me a set to use while I am based in texas for the military. I was having the best round of golf of my life on pace to beat my personal best score and be in the low 90's for the first time ever! I was 12 strokes over par on the front nine made par on the tenth hole. Once we went up to the tee box on 11 I thought about using my 7-iron till I realized the distance was shorter and went down to my 8-iron. I teed up first and I've always been beset with my irons. Somethin just felt right I cleared my head, took a breath and then swung. It was the straightest hit I have ever had off the tee and dead in line with the hole. The ball landed about ten to fifteen feet from the hole and rolled right in. At first I thought I was just seeing things figuring the ball had just rolled off the back of the green. When we got closer and I didn't see my ball I knew it had gone in and almost jumped out of the cart in excitement. I had my friend take a picture of me pulling the ball out of the cup. I also had to stop what I was doing and called my grandpa to tell him the news. My friend Robert and I could not finish the round because we lost light, but we made sure to tell the gentleman in the club house about the hole in one and they got my information made a copy of the score card, club used, and hole it happend on and put it into the San Antonio news paper that next week. It was truely a once in a lifetime experience.

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