Miracle of 2013

2013 was celebrated at The Landings in Fort Myers, Florida.
After four hours of sleep, I played golf in the Landings 1st Hangover Open golf outing. The miracle happened after 60 years of golf. I teed up a Titlist #13 on the 1st hole measuring 97 yards, a yellow tee and a 9-iron using a slightly open stance. My swing thought...slow inside swing, keeping my head behind the ball, and a full follow-through. The ball flew high into the windy, 75-degree sunny, blue sky – hit the green 6’ from the hole, bounced twice, and rolled into the glory hole. My partners, Carole Lundgren, and Gus and Marlene Mercurio, excitedly and very emotionally said it went into the hole. I was hesitant to start my celebration since I am suffering from Mycemia Gravis (seeing double). I wasn’t sure which ball went into the hole.
This is my 1st Hole-in-One since my 1st golf game at the age of 13. The miracle was made on the 1st day of the 1st month of the year 2013, using a Titlist #13!!!
I am now going out and purchasing 13 Powerball and 13 Lotto tickets. Maybe my New Years Day miracle will continue.
May all of you have a healthy and prosperous New Year.
And, may your miracles be with you in 2013.

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