Great Start to 2013

Great Start to 2013

I first played golf a little over two years ago while in college. Last year after graduation I decided to buy a set of golf clubs and start playing competitively with my friends. On a lucky Saturday morning in May while driving down the street from my house I bumped into the best yard-sale ever. I found some kids selling their Dad's golf clubs 4 dollars a pop or the full set for 20 dollars.... WHAT?! A 3-P set of Titleist DCI 987's!! I worked all Summer to lower my handicap and was playing bogey golf by the Start of September. Luckily, living in Southern California has allowed me to play through the winter. I turned 26 on the 30th of December and hadn't played until this past Saturday, January 5th. My buddy wanted to play the local very challenging Executive 18 course in Glendale, CA, Scholl Canyon Golf Course. Everyone arrived ready to play, Cesar birdied the first, Raymond par'd and I managed to save bogey after being able to hit out of a tree trunk on my second hit. The second hole is a challenging 100 yard par 3, that with a blue flag can be as far as 130 and depending on pin placement and a red flag can be as close as 60 yards. On Saturday, the pin was a red flag with the tee markers placed far back, making the hole about 92 yards. My buddy, Cesar, went first and in an effort to hit the ball conservatively ended in the left side bunker. Then followed Raymond who landed the ball short of the green. I went last. Since I usually average about 100 yards with my 52 degree wedge, I decided to tee the ball about a centimeter higher than usual. I took two practice swings and addressed the ball. I hit the ball cleanly and the ball trajectory went straight up, and couldn't have felt any better. The green is over a ledge and you can't seen the fruit of your labor until you walk up to the green. I grabbed my putter from my bag and started walking. Cesar found his ball immediately, then Raymond found his ball, but noticed there was a ball missing. In disbelief, he was hoping my ball had taken an errant bounce and ended up in a far bunker but was rather walking toward the pin. He looked in, there was my ball. I couldn't believe it, it was the moment I had always told myself would come but didn't see coming anytime soon since some of the best golfers I know have never accomplished the feat. My friends congratulated me and immediately decided conceited defeat because of the accomplishment. we found the cart girl on the next hole and proceeded to play a great round among friends. Bogey golf isn't anything to write home about, but after a Hole-in-One even hitting a 200 would be acceptable. I look forward to hitting my next, who knows when it'll be if ever. There will only be one thing that remains the same the next time I accomplish this feat and that will be a Titleist ball in the cup. Grip it and Rip it!

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