where the *** is it

It's the second round on a 9 whole course and the first round is of course not up to par, no pun intended. New round, new attitude right? Well it worked...tee-ed it up, nice and easy swing... a straight shot that put a sure smile on my face as it bounces once up to the green. The rest of the group hits and we are on our way to the green only to find that my ball is not on the green. My first thought is that my awesome power made me roll passed the green. After a minute of searching this is proven incorrect and another minute goes by as the rest of the group hits and is now ready to put. Confusion sets in and i blurt out "where the *** is it?? The last thing I need is a great looking shot to turn into a bad one. Next I hear, "hey are you hitting Titleist Nxt Tour?... it's in the hole". A great looking shot turned even greater.

End of story

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