My Best Friends Favorite Course in Bend

My Best Friends Favorite Course in Bend

My best friend in the world, John, died in 2002 from liver cancer. He was just 55. We were going to grow old together playing golf. During our lives we had taken golf trips together, one to Bend Oregon. John and his wife went back there without us for another vacation and he played River's edge. He loved the course and told me we had to get back there and play it together. That never happened but when I was back there in 2008 on a golf trek with some other buds, I told them we had to play Rivers Edge. I think now that John was looking out for me that day. Weather was great, the course was fun and the hole in one made it perfect.
PS In the last 6 weeks I have had 3 hole out eagles from the fairway from 65 to 90 yds. Two were par 4's and one par 5. All with my sm4 wedges and pro v1 ball.

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