Pro v1 hole in one

Pro v1 hole in one

It was a cold day in Arizona, so cold that most golfers stayed in. We pretty much had the course to our selves. I went out with my good friend Jason, and my brother in law Alan. Not playing my best golf, I was still on pace for my handicap. I had already chipped in on the ninth hole of the Sonoran course at oakwood. I thought that would be my shot of the day. Boy was I wrong! I had hit some great shots, and was dancing around the flag all day. We got to the 7th hole on the palms course. The yardage maker said 156 yards, and I pace out nine steps to the tee markers. The flag was in the center, nestled behind the right side green bunker. Jason shot first, pulling his shot left of the green. Then Alan shot, it was right at the flag, just a 10 feet short. Then I shot, i went with a 6 iron, usually I'd go with a 7. I just told my self, "just make good contact." That I did, I soon as the ball came off the club Alan shouted, "thats hole in one material there!" From the tee box it landed just short of the hole and appeared to roll in. I didn't want to jinx it so I said, "It probably just rolled of the back of the green. When we arrived I saw one ball on the green. There was no ball behind the green, or in the bunker. I knew my ball had to be in the cup. Sure enough there it was, resting nicely in the bottom of the cup was my Pro V1, with the number 2 facing up at my. I did it! One of the hardest accomplishments in sports and I had pulled it off. Greatest day I probably ever have on a golf course. And a great feeling when your father in law calls and says, "welcome to the club!"

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