Rare Hole In One at El Cid Hole12

We were a five some on Pink Shirt day at El Cid, Bob, Rick, Jerry, Sig and myself (Charles). I hit third after Rick and Bob had put their shots on the green just short of the flag. It was a blue flag and Sky Caddie said it was 173 to the middle. I figured I would use my 170 club and be just short of the pin. The five iron shot was straight and high. It had a nice clean sound as it left the club and I knew it was on the green. I picked up my tee before I watched it land, then took a couple of bounces and disappeared in the shadows of the setting sun. Jerry and Sig hit and also landed on the green just above the pin and now all 4 corners of the green were covered with mine in the middle some place. When we got to the green everyone found their ball except me. I was sure it landed on the green but I looked back to see if it was on the front edge. Bob said he thought he might have seen it go in and went to the hole. He said, "There is a ball in the hole." I looked and there was my Pro V1 #4 with a red dot sitting in the hole for my first hole in one. I never thought it would happen. As a double digit handicap it is tough enough to hit a green let alone put it in the hole. Later a guy who has been going to Mazatlan for quite a few years said he has heard of lots of holes in one on the course but never on hole 12. This is my 6th year of golf at the age of 63 and it is very speical. It ranks right up there with the basketball championships and baseball world series titles that I have been part of.

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