39 years of trying

39 years of trying

I started off my 2013 golf season with a bang. I played Southbridge Golf Club near Savannah, GA with my boss and a customer yesterday. It had been six weeks since I last played and I just wanted to keep the ball in play. After shooting 41 on the front I thought things were going fairly well. We make the turn, play 10 and get to the 11th tee box, 178 yards and about a 10mph wind in our face. The green is guarded by a bunker in front. I'm not a big hitter and I knew I couldn't get there with my 680MB 3-iron. So I pulled my DCI-990 1-iron, yes I still carry one! I hit a smooth shot and the ball flight looked good. The ball landed on the front of the green and was rolling toward the pin. I thought the ball rolled past the pin so I picked up my tee. As I was standing up, my playing partners started yelling that they thought the ball dropped in the hole! After a few high-fives and a photo we drove to the green and indeed I had my first ace since I started playing at age 14. I'm still in shock! Thank you Titleist for making clubs that players can trust. I knew if I put a good swing on the club that I could get it close!

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