First Hole in One

First Hole in One

Just got my first Hole in One yesterday. Hole number 15 at Eagle Harbor Golf Club. Plays 186 yards from the white tees (next up from the tips). There was a lot of wind blowing yesterday and on this hole it was at our backs. Usually I will hit my AP1 712 5 iron but with the strong wind I decided to use a 6 iron instead. I teed up my NXT Tour S number 3, lined up my shot and hit it clean. I usually have a little bit of fade on each of my shots and this was no different. The ball was going straight for the middle of the green and was slowly fading to the right. By the way I forgot to mention the flag was a back right pin position and the tees are a little bit elevated but not by much. Anyways we actually didn't see it go in at all, just knew I hit it well. We jumped in the carts and rolled up to the green and saw 3 balls there. I actually got out of my cart with a Vokey 60 degree and my putter thinking maybe it came up short. My buddy Corey stuck it 2 feet from the pin and as he was walking up to his ball said "There is a F***ing ball in the cup" I walked up to the cup and rolled the ball over in the cup and saw the "NXT Tour S" on the side and immediately jumped up and down like a little kid on Christmas and ran around the green maybe 3 times haha. I wish we had gotten a video of it and a picture of me getting the ball outta the cup. But anyways I can't wait to hopefully hit another one one day.

Picture above is my buddies from the round and I at a local bar called Taps having some celebratory shots of Jameson.

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