41 Years Later

41 Years ago I got my first hole in one. Unfortunately it was on a "mulligan" so it was really just a par. One of the boys I was playing with said "it's probably the only hole in one you'll ever have so let's make a pact...it was a legit hole in one. That fib lasted less then 24 hours till one of the guys "ratted me out". I felt about 2 inches tall.

There was a feeling of relief somehow that I was able to actually justify the drinks my dad bought in the clubhouse so many years ago when I was 15 (I had no idea he was buying everyone drinks 41 years ago or I would have fessed up, honestly). When he found out the "hole in one" from so many years ago was just a par he said "why didn't you tell me it was on a mulligan, I had to buy drinks!". .

Yesterday I got my first "Real" hole in one, on my first shot on a par 3, no mulligan this time. It felt Very Good....and somehow I feel a sense of relief.

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