My whole first hole in 1

My whole first hole in 1

It was #11 at tustin ranch and from the blue it played 162 yards. i hit 7 iron. The ball hit 8 feet left and short of the hole and curled up into the cup. I saw the divot and the ball rolling towards the hole and i said to my friend "i think it went in!" (It was my friend Toni's wife's birthday,my fiancé and I were playing with them. The distance across the lake was too far for anyone of us to see if the ball had really gone in (how many times have you gotten to the hole and the ball was hiding behind the flag) I was 75% sure it went in but the wait for everyone to hit was agonizing). Janis kept telling me "don't get your hopes up honey, just wait and see" When I got to the hole there was a guy standing on the road into the course. He said he actually saw it hit and go in the hole on his ride into the course and wanted to hang around to congratulate me and verify the shot if I need it. The attached photo is a shot from the Tee box I hit from.

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