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Me and my buddy was down at myrtle beach playing a few days. we started playing on thursday ,nov.29 i played like i had never plyed before. friday we plyed at the grandaddy pine lakes course and started and finished great. saturday we had to clean our place up and hustle to the course to catch our tee time . we teed up behind a foursome and i thought what a long day this is going to be. they let us through on the second hole and what a relieve it was. the fourth hole par 3, on the card it saying playing 152 yards, our gps saying 110 yards to the front, and the pin is halve way between front and middle, so we said about 125 yards. i tee up first and thought the wind was a little strong in my face. one more club than normal and hit it good i thought. the ball hit and bounce and rolled on the green and disappeared. gary said that went in,i said it did didn't it and i always thought that i would be so excited, if and when i ever got a hole -n-one , but it was like ok that was nice, put me down for a -2, that how we keep the score. i been more excited over birding a tough hole than i was today, the first day of december. i played well enough the rest of the day and shot a 80. 39 front 41 on the back.

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