January Ace

January Ace

I was enjoying a nice January day (temps in the high 40's) with two of my golf buddies. I'm a 13 handicapper, and just shot a 38 on the front 9, so for me, was having a nice round. When I stepped up to Hole #11, a 146 yard par 3, protected by water in the front, I hit my 9 iron, and my my golf buddy Mike yelled "I hope you got enough of it"...(if the ball is hit short, it will roll back down into the water). The ball was hit nice and high, and landed on the front of the green, and started curling left toward the hole, then all of a sudden, it disappeared! Man, I started screaming like a little girl, chest bumping and high fiving my two buddies, Richard and Mike. What an amazing feeling!!! It's a day I will never forget. I'm 52 years old and thought it would never happen to me...well, now I'm officially part of the club!!!!!!!

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