Tammy Smith

I work part time at Napa Country Club. Assist our professionals in our youth program. Upon arriving at work January 23 our pro Luke Styverson asked if I had my clubs as he needed me to fill a spot in the womens leaugue that morning. Being that I did not have them and rather reluctant to go back home and get them, I just can't say no to this guy. He is an amazing professional who works incredibly hard at his job. So I go home and get my clubs off my cart.
It was a gloomy overcast morning threatening rain any second.
Playing with three members and having a great time , it begins to rain on 12. I have no rain gear and it starts to come down.
We drive up to 15 , the only water hole on the course. 116 yards the pin is up front with a bit of a slope on approach. I have honors and pull my 7 iron, the last thought I had was I just want to get it there.... by now it is a steady rain and luckily it was clear of the water. Much to my amazement it was right at the pin , it landed just to the left of the stick , bounced about a foot in the air and went in.... I just fell to ground total disbelief and muddy.
When we got to the green everyone was cheering and high fives all around. I ran to the flag to actually make sure, there it was in the bottom of the cup.
The first time I have ever hit a Pro V1x !!!! I will never play with any other ball , ever !!!!

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