My First Two Hole In Ones

My first hole in one happened on July 7th, 2008 at Valley View County Club in Utica, NY on hole 14 with a Titleist Pro V1 * 392. I was playing in a tournament for the Mohawk Valley Golf Tour. The hole was 197 Yards and I did it with a 5-Wood. Weird way to get your first hole in one I'd say. I was only 18 and ended up getting 2nd place in the tournament with a score of 74 from what I can remember. It was a great moment in my golfing career and one I'll never forget.

My second hole in one happened on June 23rd, 2011 at Woodgate Pines Golf Course in Boonville, NY on hole 12. I was simply subbing in a Thursday night golf league for someone so I wasn't even planning on playing that day. Hopefully I have more to come as I continue playing the greatest game even played, golf.

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