Super Sunday

It was Super Bowl Sunday. My friend David and I walked up to the 16th tee box. I was carrying my range finder along with an 8 and 9 iron. I shot the flag and the range finder came back with 147 yds. Typically there is always a breeze blowing toward you on this hole but not today. I turned to David and said 9 or 8? He said go with the 9. I liked the call and proceeded to hit a perfect 9 iron with a nice little draw. The ball landed on the edge of the green, and I watched it role a few feet and then disappear. I turned to David and said the ball disappeared. He said it went in the hole. You got a hole-in-one! I would not believe it. As we drove up, I scanned to green looking for my ball. I could not see it. Now I started to get excited but fought the urge to celebrate until I actually saw the ball in the hole. I quickly got out of the cart and walked to the hole and there it was. My first hole-in-one. It was truly a super Sunday.

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