January 13 2013.
It was a special day. I just bought a brand new set of clubs customized to my height.It was my first round with them.I was playing Legacy Golf Course in Henderson Nevada.It was the 15th hole par 3 196 yards.I hit a 5 iron.There is a small hill in front of the green you cannot see the bottom of the flag or the hole.I hit a 5 iron with a slight draw right at the pin.It hit right behind the pin and disappeared. We did not see the ball anywhere.Guys in my foursome thought it might have gone over the green.I thought it plugged in the ground or a sand trap.On the way to the green Glenn said he had a feeling it went in the hole.I said no it plugged.We got to the green and it was not on the green.Dave my other golf partner walked up to the hole and looked in, he looked at me and then jerked the flag and my ball popped out.I was in shock ant the n started jumping and screaming on the green.It was great day.Finally my first hole in one after 43 years.I guess I owe it to my girlfriend.I never would have bought the clubs if she did not push me to buy them.I love her with all my heart.One check mark for my bucket list.Thank you.
James Field

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  1. Carlo Angelo

    Congrats!!! I can just imagine your feelings. Good decision on getting fitted clubs. I'm on my 18th year and still no Hn1's... I hope it doesn't take that long. But better than not getting one...