It was luck for sure

I was involved in a 4 person best ball tournament. I was hitting terribly for the first 10 holes. It seemed like I haven't even played golf before even though I have been playing for years. Hole 15 came up and all of the members on my team either hit their ball into the green side bunkers or the lake to the right. The hole laid 166 pin location back right over 2 hills in the green. I used a soft 7 since my 8 was my worst club in my bag that day. I hit a low soft line and when the ball hit the green it must have rolled over 150 feet over both hills. I first thought Hey ya that will play. I took my eye off the ball and the next thing I knew my team ran towards me saying I got a HOLE IN 1. I didn't believe them because you couldn't even see the hole from the box. The closer I got to the green I felt like wow this shot must be pretty close because I couldnt see it. Well to my surprise it was a hole in 1. Not to mention we used all of my shots the next 3 holes. Hole in 1. Eagle. Birdie birdie. 6 under in 4 holes we won the tournament.

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